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We are a group of individuals that began working out together in high school. We pushed each other day after day to strive to do better, pursue our goals, and conquer any obstacle in our way. We lived by those 3 words: strive, pursue, and conquer, and over the years of working out it became a dream of ours to spread that mindset past just our friend group. That is when the idea of Grizzly Athletics was born.

We wanted to not just spread our brand of clothing to others, but instead instill a mindset in others to strive to do their best, pursue their own goals, and conquer whatever problem they might face. We are more than just a clothing brand, we are a lifestyle, we are Grizzly Athletics.

Image by Scott Webb

Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are that if you have a question that relates to our products; we have an answer. Check out our list of frequently asked questions and general information.

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